Hook Norton Tennis Club Committee

Who they are and what they do

The committee run the club, all of the members are regular players and our
objective is:

to provide facilities for and promote participation of the whole community in the sport of tennis.

Specifically this includes:

(a) To provide tennis, social and other activities for our members and
     generally to encourage and facilitate the playing of tennis by
     players of all ages and abilities without barrier;

(b) To compete in local leagues, competitions and tournaments;

(c) To be an active partner in the life and development of Hook Norton
     Sports and Social Club;

(d) To promote, improve, develop and support the interests of tennis

To do this we have a committee that comprises:

    Chair Renato Lusardi

    Membership Secretary Sue Glasson

    Treasurer - Alex Hollingdale

    Secretary Sally Webb

    Junior development officer Jonathan Smith

    Committee members Elaine Priestley,
                                    Bethan Dennick,
                                    Barrie Smith,
                                    Judy Wadsworth, and
                                    Stuart Hopkins

We meet about 10 times a year to organise the club, set the subscription rates, manage our income and approve any scheme to meet the objectives above.